July 20-23. Heavy Lifting!

Just when you thought it was safe to jump back into the blogsphere…

I’ve been a little busy over the course of the last two weeks so you will have to accept my humble apologies. In that time I have moved, visited Ikea 4 times, Canadian Tire 3 times and basically driven all over God’s green Earth. It was nuts. Big thanks first off to the people that helped with the actual move part, Mark, Evan, Noah, Kelsey, Spanky and Steve. Also the BIGGEST thanks ever to my Mom, who not only lifted things she shouldn’t have, but cleaned and organized with me.

So this blog entry will be pretty short as 4 days worth of activity can be condensed into 1 word, MOVING. Not counting the actual moving day, there was me with car load after car load, carrying 2 boxes at a time across the parking garage, up the elevator and to my condo. It may not sound like a lot, but minimum 3 car loads a day, 6 boxes a carload and 2 (sometimes only 1) boxes per trip. It was exhausting work.

That and I also drove about 400 KMs and never left Toronto. Everything is moved in, but there is at least one load left to go to Kitchener.

I’m just getting back in the swing, then back on the bike.


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