4 Games From Hell

Things to never do again = Play 4 games in 40 degree Celsius weather

The Blue Ram season hangs in the balance as we play for our playoff lives (the team we are playing will be eliminated with a loss).

Everything started off well. We played one of our better games and one the first of the four gamer. That’s about where the happiness and joy ended for the week. We had some trouble with pitching and defense, along with some guys boozing during the game. Overall I played ok and ran hard, but when things started going wrong, they went all the way wrong.

By the time we are done playing, or not playing, we had surrendered the following 3 games. Not just lose; in the last game we got absolutely annihilated. It was embarrassing and very upsetting.

When I was done, I was spent. Not just emotionally but physically. It took a along time to bounce back from this…


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