So When Does The Heat Break?

Seems to be a common theme this week. 4 hottest days of the year, 3 nights of ball and a Pampered Chef Party.

Well tonight is the makeup date for a rain-out while I was hurt and I’m hoping to be much better than last night. It starts off well with a solid double and some good hard pounding on the knee (no brace for the second night in a row and Michelle didn’t even notice… hehe). I still wasn’t 100% comfortable, but you know you are having a better night when you are called upon(mildly damaged) to be a courtesy runner. Overall it was a good day. Lots of running and a couple of doubles to go with a RBI and soe runs scored.

Was a bit scary though as two ladies from the other team had a serious collision trying to track down a pop up. It looked like the catcher was trying to take the first baseman’s head off with a Goldberg-esque spear to the head. Crazy part was she still managed to catch the ball and hang onto it while almost killing her teammate.

Lesson: Call the Ball

Sub-Lesson: Robby, if I’m trying to make a circus catch on a ball that I haven’t got a hope in hell of tracking down over my shoulder and you call it… Ball is yours. I will not kill you in a collision, I promise.

Good night all,


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