Holy Hump Day Batman

Happy Wednesday Bloggies!

So let’s just say this 40C temperature thing is starting to wear on me. I can deal with hot (See Crawford Family Road Trip to Vegas in JULY where it’s 130F). Heat no problem, it’s the humidty and smog that are sitting on my chest like Dumbo that is slowing me down. But before you loose heart here is my update.

Tuesday: While this is not strictly weight loss related, it could be important later. A big thank you to Joanna for the invite to her Pampered Chef party. I know it sounds weird to have a guy at one of those things, but it was very enjoyable AND I found out some closely protected female secrets (Husband Protection Plan… Really? Does it come to that?). I’m not sure what use that will be in my search for a significant other, but I will file it away. Oh and the answer was SILICONE and yes it was easy.

So Wednesday brings the low point in my Blue Rams career. Can you say awful? Let’s start with the build up, it’s hot, we are at Dunton and there are some serious ballers on the ladies teams playing the other diamonds. I’m playing without the knee brace for the first time since being hurt, and right away I’m not feeling comfortable. This leads to a BRUTAL 0-for-4 first game with a strikeout. BS. Next game not going much better. I am making defensive plays but I want to help all around. Second game not going well either, 0-for-2 to start with a strikeout (looking), FML. While this stupidity is going on, I’m running pretty hard, about 78% or so and nothing has exploded yet. Last at bat, tying run at 3rd, FINALLY, good contact, run scores, and eventually I (my pinch runner) made it around with the eventual winner.

Even with a couple of beers after the game to rehydrate and the cute chatting after with us, not a good day…


Oh and did I mention, I didn’t roll into bed until after 12:30am… Thursday will not be good.

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