Holy Crap It’s HAWT!!!

And no, not the good kind…

So on the hottest day of the year, wait let’s try it this way, in the hottest 5 day stretch of the year, I have 4 softball games in two cities spread over 3 nights. Thanks again Mother Nature. I think we need to sit down and have a talk. What’s your beef with me? What the heck did I do to earn your wrath? I bike for heart and stroke research you send a flood and freezing temperatures. I play sports to try and get in shape, you try and melt me. Didn’t I compost enough? I try and separate the liquor bottles from the normal recycling, but Steve keeps putting them together… It’s not my fault.

So update on the weekend and Monday night. Here goes. The weekend consisted of a trip north to Casa de Keihauer on lake Muskoka for a couple of days of R’n’R. I ate reasonably well and kept the libations to Vodka, water and Nestea. Not great but it could have been worse (actually I did have a few beers and some chips… oh and some rice crispy squares made with melted Mars bars instead of marshmallows). Laid in the sun, got some lake time and generally tried to relax. I was so relaxed Kris and I didn’t head home until after 9pm figuring we would miss most of the traffic. EPIC FAIL! When we did finally roll up to 220 it was after 12:30am and any relaxedness (Word says relaxedness is a word) was gonzo.

What do I wake up to, but 30+ degrees with a humidex of 40+. Hey, last time I checked I lived in Toronto, not the Australian Outback or the Sahara Desert, WTF is this? After doing my best to remain indoors in the loving embrace of A/C, it was finally time to head out to play. At this point I should have stayed in. First at bat miss a homer by about 2 feet (foul) and then when I do get on base I decide to not slide into 2nd where the girl is clearly not on the bag and am called out. That and the heat did not a happy Bernie make.

Whatever… Game is over, I’m in the Man Cave and I’m going to bed. Keep coolio,


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