Happy Canada Day

Well it’s CANADA DAY!!

Happy Birthday and all that jazz… You don’t look a day over 157.

So today was a relatively calm and quiet day. Didn’t get out on the bike, Spritz or to the gym, but there was so activity. I went to the Canada Day festivities hosted by Jason and Joanna Murdoch and let me tell you, we had ourselves a lovely time. BBQ, appetizers and libations of every sort. It was quite the spread and I had to restrain myself from eating the entire tray of Jo’s Rice Crispy Desserts. No picture a rice Crispy Square, remove the marshmallows and add melted Mars bars.


After dinner it was activities galore. We headed to the park across the street and played some football, threw around the Frisbee and Rob even had a derivative of wiffleball played with scoops (just like Tron, but without the neon or death for loosing).

Headed to Bala,


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