Hey Batter – Batter – Batter, Sa-wing Batter

Hey look who’s playing ball again. I’ll give you three guesses… No it’s not Joe Carter. No it’s not the kid from Saved by the Bell. Really Joe Pantoliano (as seen in Goonies, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II and The Fugative)? You guys are brutal at this guessing game thing. Fine, I’ll tell you, it was ME!

First night back on the diamond playing with the Men’s League team and everything went swimmingly. There were only a couple of minor little tweaking movements and I had 1 run down the first base line at top speed with no issues. I even had a decent night at the dish going 2-for-4 in Game 1 with 2R and 1 RBI and 2-for-2 in Game 2 with 1R. Not stellar numbers I understand, but having been on the shelf for the better part of 3 weeks I will take it.

Now comes decision time. I have to decide if the bike is going to go to the cottage this weekend. I would normally say YES, but the thought of the first big hill is frankly quite terrifying. Almost as bad as the HST… Thank You very much Queen’s Park and Ottawa. You guys are douchebags.

Hope Everyone has a great Canada Day and hopefully there will be one more post before I leave.


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