Back to Back…

It’s my party so I get to be in charge. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. As you may have noticed (and let’s be honest you would have to be blind or drunk not to have) the layout for the blog has changed. I did tinker with the idea of changing the name to something else, but after review I decided that the overall goal is still to catalogue this adventure.

So after weeks of doing nothing, I will be doing my best to get ramped up in preparation for my moving day (July 22nd). Starting off with this lovely Tuesday evening. Tonight was the first night back on the bike. Spritz and I haven’t seen much of each other lately, but we had ourselves a lovely 45 minute session today between 85 and 90 RPMs and the standard heart rate. I ended up watching a rather interesting movie (From Paris with Love) featuring Travolta and whiled away the time.

I ended up doing a swell arm session after finishing and hope to get my strength back to where it should be. I’m still thinking that I might take tomorrow off from my men’s league (and by off I mean biking), but I hate the idea of being able to play and not doing so. I guess it will be a game time decision. After that going to try and fill the remainder of the week with activities and try and not get arrested or shot when the G20 takes over Toronto.

Hope Everyone from Kingston to Brantford is doing well and following,


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