Who Says Wednesdays Aren’t Exciting

Day 3 of activity after the injury setback and I’m still excited! Ok, excited might not be the best word for it, doing what is necessary. Spritz and I spent some quality time together tonight for an HOUR watching Daybreakers and generally sweating my posterior off. Just me and the Spritz-meister pumping away for the first 60 minute session in a long time. I even managed to keep my heartrate at a somewhat respectable rate for the greater part of the session. All this took a back seat to the events of today though…

That is to say after the Earthquake in the Greater Toronto Area. Well we only got the edge of the quake that hit Ottawa and it was like getting a free workout sitting at my desk. I was on the phone troubleshooting the world’s slowest Dell820 when all of a sudden I was enjoying a slight side-to-side motion with a gentle vibration. Very relaxing, until you start to think of all the crap on the roof (Air Conditioners and such) that could be laying on your chair (while you’re still sitting on it) if the building can’t handle the rockin’.

Not a comforting thought…

After the days’ activities I hit Canadian Tire for a Crock Pot and a Kettle and then headed home for some leftovers. I made a pasta last night that was really good, but I should have drained the meat. Ah well, not exactly healthy, but you learn and the next time you make it better. Was going to play ball tonight, but the leg is just uncomfortable enough that I don’t want to try and push it at men’s league. I just can’t go half speed (which is how I got hurt in the first place), so one more week and I will be back to my full slate of activities.

I’m hoping I can make Dr. Spin feel better about the time I had to take off by doubling my efforts to get back into it and accelerate my program.


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