Bernie’s Back, Aright!

You have to hum today’s title to the Backstreet Boy song, Backstreet’s Back Alright…

Shameless, I know.

So here we are, three quarters of the way through the month of June and how much activity have I done, 2 lousy little ones. Now granted I haven’t been able to do much (which seems to happen whenever I work out, an injury occurs and I get set back), but it does suck. I had my re-evaluation last Friday and the Doctor believes that all my ligaments are fine, but he now feels that I may have torn the Gastroc muscle. After I gave him a blank look, he explained that it’s the calf muscle and it runs through the area where I’m having the most pain.


He also said that I could start easing myself back into activities. Ding! Awesome! So last night (Monday) I made my return from the disabled list with the MMM Diamond Dawgs and had a pretty good night going 2-for-3 with 2 RBIs. The running wasn’t bad, although truth be told I did try and take it very, very easy. I did tweak a couple of times, trying to stretch back into second, but I was wearing my brace and I think that it will have to be like that for a while (or until my October MRI, what BS).

Sorry to my loyal readers who haven’t had anything to do on their lunches and hopefully this signals a return to more regular posting,


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