Total Cluster-Fack (yes I miss-spelled on purpose)

Well, it wasn’t like I didn’t try…

I got to Muskoka late Thursday night after a full day of work, traffic and general disorder. Once there, it was a couple of drinks, a hot tub and time for bed. Nice and easy. Friday was riding day.

Here is where it went wrong.

I took my bike in two weeks ago to have it serviced because the rear breaks were soft, the rear disc was squeaking and it needed a tune up. Well after $100, the only thing that Ziggy’s fixed was the soft breaks. In fact, I had no middle gears now as the bike was skipping rings on the back. I am (well I was) PISSED.

Not only did I only get a 9.5KM ride in, as I was coming back up the hill to Steve’s the chain skipped every gear I needed and I couldn’t unclip in time. Down I went, shoulder, back, leg and head.

Not happy. Soon Ziggy’s will not be happy.


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