Post #100

Well Kiddies, that was tough. I’m not too proud to admit it.

I got home tonight, had a nice dinner (consisting of chicken fingers, beans and pasta) and knocked of an episode in the 24 backlog and the Fringe season première. By the way, if you haven’t seen Fringe yet, stop what you are doing, run out to Futureshop and BUY seasons 1 and 2. Best show on TV.

Anyways, tonight was the first night of 10 minutes (high RPM 90-100), followed by 4 minutes of out of the saddle (50 RPM) high resistance. Well, that isn’t going to happen. Tried it out tonight and it just did not feel good or comfortable for me. I stretched the 42 minute session that had been planned to a 60 minute session at 80-90 RPM (including 5 minutes out of the saddle at high resistance).

I think that I will have to send that part of the plan back to Dr. Spin for a re-evaluation.

Hockey Playoffs are on and I should have taken my own advice (March Madness, no brackets for me because it’s too unpredictable. 2 games done and I lost both).


PS – Just a note on Post 100. This blog started off as a way to keep motivated while doing P90X. While over time I stopped the P90X, I kept doing ‘other’ things and the people (you know who you are), have kept me motivated and working hard. Thank You.

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