Monday Monday

Well ladies and gents today is a red letter day…

Before I get into that, I need to apologize to my followers for not hitting the bike on the weekned. Does hitting the bike show and walking around for four hours count? No? C’mon…

Today I slept in (it was a busy weekend after all), but I made a promise to bike all week. I got home after a quick stop at Loblaws for chicken, chicken and more chicken. Pulled into the house, threw on the new bike shorts and shoes and hit the bike for get this… 60 minutes!! That’s right kiddies 1 hour spinning at between 84-88 RPM and a heart rate of between 127-134. That may sound easy, but let me tell you it isn’t.

Once I peeled myself of the seat and threw together some healthy soft tacos I decided you all needed to know.

60 Minutes! Sixty! 6-0! Six Zero!!!

Have a good night,


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