Top of the Mountain

First day back on the slopes…

One word… Ouch.

That’s right; there may have been some rust on the ol’ board after a long offseason. The grey matter took two wicked shots on the way down my first blues. It was a good day though, went up with Denis in the morning and got some solid riding in after the first run. Took me some time to remember what I learned last year.

Was coming around a curve and switching edges when I caught heelside and my melon met the Blue Mountains. All I have to say is anyone who rides without a bucket (helmet for those of you that didn’t play football), is friggin nuts. That was on run number two. Denis thought I was going to quit, but once someone answered the ringing phone and everything stopped swirling, I was good to go.

Third run of the day, coming down the hill, almost to the bottom and just getting ready to stop. Leaned back too far while I was on toeside, caught the heelside edge again and lo and behold, melon meet mountain. Considering my goggles came off to reveal another injury from run two and the phone ringing again I figured I should pack it in.

Back up in two weeks…


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