So remember those shots to the head I took snowboarding…


Grade II Whiplash was the result.

So after thankfully seeing Dr. Oswald and getting my neck and back into some semblance of their proper alignment, I took the week off. Week off? Yes, week off as looking up, down, left or right was difficult at best.

Follow that up with Phat Boy Fiesta X and you have the makings of a bad weekend of eating. OK, not bad, as I watched what I had and managed not to pig out, but not good overall. There was also the late drive back to Toronto after the Saints OT win, so no gym Monday.

Back at it this morning though. Straight cardio day for me with a 1000+ calorie burn (which was tough), but I need to up something or cut something because I am feeling pretty chunky right now. I reached out to Dr. Oswald to see if he had any ideas for a diet/regime that will get me moving again.

See you after the gym tomorrow,


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