P90X Day 27

Well here we are you cruel bastard…
Yoga X, I will defeat you…
OK, maybe not.

Straight off the bat here’s the remainder of yesterday’s update. Had 2 Coronas after work at a function and some cheese and crackers (To go with the $50 gift card I won). Came home had a Vodka and a couple of Ryes and then off to Gracie’s for Signal Hill and surprisingly, 4 pints of Coors and an order of Chicken Fingers and Fries (only eat less then ½ the fries). Considering not too long ago it would have been a 10 pint night with other assorted deep fried gems, progress has been made.

As a side note, it’s amazing how much grief a person can get for leaving early because they are trying to behave (next time I will follow my normal MO and just disappear). OK, I did get a slice of Nova on the way home… Nobody’s perfect.

So that brings us to Saturday morning. Crawled out of bed and sure didn’t want too. Yoga X, don’t like it, never have and probably never will. It was not a good workout as I had some flexibility issues (as per usual) and the ankle started squawking a bit, but I did get through it and hopefully won’t have to do it for a while.

Next up is a rest day and Stretch X (which I really enjoy) and the end of Phase I…

Feel free to insert applause here… ah, I can’t hear you… How about some enthusiasm??

See you guys after Yoga-thon tomorrow,



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