P90X Day 9

Where was yesterday’s post??

Well I took a day off. After playing two late softball games last night my ankles were very sore and with Day 2 being a Plyometric day, I was not in the mood for injury.

So back at P90X today and again you guys following this blog were the reason I dragged my ass out of bed this morning because boy o’ boy did I not want to. Got the Plyo going this morning a little late due to some extra sleep, but completed 80% of the exercises with no problem. Unlike the Chest and Back Day 1, Plyometrics did not get any better the second time through. Sure it builds muscle, but it is an ugly workout.

Today being Friday, I’m cutting the blog short, but I will be back tomorrow, followed by a Slo-Pitch Tournament with the Honeywell Diamond Dawgs.

Please take a minute today and remember the events that changed the World, September 11, 2001.


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