P90X Day 1

Things I’ve learned Today:
1) I HATE pushups
2) Whoever designed P90X is a sadist
3) The carpet in the cave sucks (see photo below)
4) This blog is the only reason I got up and worked out

P90X Day 1 is Back, Chest and Shoulders, 12 exercises done twice using, bands, weights and the chin-up bar (yeah, chin ups are a ways off for moi).

Got up at 5:15am and grudgingly started day one. It was as bad as I thought, but you have to look past the short term pain and look towards the end goal and the hopes that it will get easier from here. It won’t for the record, but I can always hope.

The exercises themselves are pretty straight forward, 5 different types of pushups (or was it 6?), different exercises for the back and shoulders with such colorful names as ‘heavy pants’ and ‘lawnmowers’ and then a bonus 20 mins when you are done busting your ass called Ab Ripper X. Let me tell you, that by the time I am finished with this program, I better be ripped or I’m driving to California and will personally jam the DVD’s up the creators left nostril. No one should be that chipper this early.

Thanks for reading, and believe me, if it wasn’t for you guys I would have stayed in bed this morning after a very disheartening butt kicking the Diamond Dawgs took last nite. Well there is always the tourney.


Ps Even TYPING hurts right now

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