When Little Dogs Attack


So that’s never happened to me before on a run…

Jogging around the Hill, trying to figure out if I will ever get my legs back and I nearly get mauled by this 15lb little mutt. Since having become a Dogfather, I haven’t found a dog yet (until today) that can resist my personality, suave and dashing good looks…

Still I don’t normally go out of my way when running to stop and pet any four legged creatures I meet on my travels, it’s just a safety thing. So it came as quite the shock as I was trundling (always wanted to use that word in a post) down the sidewalk and this little A-hole lunges on his leash and jumps directly at my throat. Ok. Maybe not my throat, but definitely my right shin. Thanks to the quick actions of his owner though (and a sharp tug on the leash), I was spared any injuries.

Watch out though my little furry friend. Watch out, because if you ever try that nonsense again I will send @RoRofromMexico after you. Not scared? Well you should be because he can ‘Shoot Freaking Laser Beams’ when he gets angry (as witnessed in the photo above)…

Consider yourself have been warned.


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