Crispy With a Side of Fries

Here comes the last push before the birthday and I’m
seriously hoping my body is on board with that plan.  When I got off the bike yesterday my lower
back (left side) wasn’t feeling particularly awesome, but I hadn’t done
anything really creative to irritate it. That got me thinking and I realized
that it first started to stiffen up on my walk (which reminds me, NO COFFEE
after 12pm. This kid did not sleep last night and was very unhappy about it),
might be time to change shoes. There was some serious doubt if I could make it
through the WOD, but like I said we’re in the home stretch.

800m Row
2 Rounds of
5 Push-ups
10 Squats
15 Mountain Climbers

Today we were working on the Overhead Squat. I hate the OHS.
My hips might not lie, but they refuse to do Jack $hit when I’ve got any type
of weight overhead. On the plus side though, I raised my abysmal PR for the OHS
by 5lbs (and a couple of them were actually good). First up a 5 minute EMOM, 2
touch and go.  That was followed by a 2
minute AMRAP. I was working at 60lbs and finish 8 of 11 attempts during the


1 minute ME Ring Dips (Green Band)


4 minute AMRAP
15 OHS (@60lbs)
20 Pull-ups (Blue Band)
30 DUs


1 minute ME Ring Rows


4 minute AMRAP
15 OHS (@60lbs)
20 Pull-ups (Blue Band)
30 DUs


2 minute ME Muscle Up Progression

Today was the first day I didn’t feel awesome at the end of
a WOD. I worked hard, but I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to the Double
Unders. I finished 15 Ring Dips and made it to 15 Pull-ups in the first round.
Second round I completed 7 Ring Rows and 16 Pull-ups. Bad news rolled in for
the Progressions where I managed a big fat 0. UGH. For the 2 rounds of 4
minutes I struggled with Pull-ups, but I will get them.

50 Hollow Rocks
100 Ab Mat Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions

That right there is a lot of AB work to end the day.  I didn’t set any record time, but bad back
and all I got finished. Now for the Rope. That’s right, I’m coming for you this
week. I went at it and it felt really good, well it did for the first 10 feet.
My foot lock was solid and I was doing really well, until I hit that force
field 3 feet from the top.  My feet got squirrely
and I lost my control on the Rope. I will climb it by Thursday.


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