The Holiday #BigBrnzChallenge

One of the early fails…

Let’s recap before we get into the fun of the December… er… Holiday #BigBrnzChallenge. How did you do? 30 days of making breakfast, lunch and dinner. Was it a struggle to hold true or a piece of the proverbial ‘chocolate cake’? Time spent prepping and creating a delicious menu or finger dialing? My challenge was a struggle. Don’t get me wrong I was on track to complete November with 25 of 30 days perfectly homemade, but then there was a significant life event. I won’t get into it right now, but I ended up turning to the delivery apps and all the bad things to try and forget about things. Was it a solution? No, but it was right for the time.  Have a look at the photos below to give you an idea of how it was going before the 27th.

Moving on to the Jungle Bells

With the holidays upon us, the time to hit the gym starts to become scarce. This is the time of the year when it is the most important. So this will be an attendance challenge (sort of) and it the first one we’ve ever done. Your mission (and you should really accept it) is to hit the gym 16 of the 31 days in December. Can’t go to the gym, no worries, you can swap a gym day for a 30 minute workout. If you are trying a class or something new, make sure you post it to Instagram (because if you don’t post it never happened) and tag it #BigBrnzChallenge and #itBrnz. This sharing may inspire someone else to try it and you never know who you can help.

So there you go, the December #BigBrnzChallenge. Do the absolute best you can because not only will the workouts make you feel better physically, but mentally as well. Weird right? We all know how stressful the holidays can get, use this challenge to help you keep an even keel and on track. Don’t let the month get away from you, pick a number and stick with it. Four days every week, 5-3-5-3 or whatever else fits in between all the parties and family plans. Just don’t leave the start until the 16th… That may provide too much of a mountain to climb.

Good luck!


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