So Now I Can Manage Stuff


What a long haul it’s been…

On a completely non-exercise/CrossFit related note, I have just finished a gruelling six months at the Big K that saw me take a Masters Certificate in Project Management at the Schulich School of Business while doing my normal 9-5 and coaching @CrossFitCanuck. Oi it’s been hectic. @SavannahJessie has been a rockstar (obviously) in keeping the house on the Hill running smoothly while my attentions and limited brain power have been diverted to complete this task (and a million others).

With a one month break after the course finished on May 4th (May the Fourth be with You) I headed into the last week of May with studying (cramming in mind). Now the Masters Certificate course wasn’t an ‘exam prep’ course, but provided all the tools needed as long as you studied the materials. With PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), Rita McAuley’s 9th Edition and an online testing tool, I spent 2 solid weeks with my head alternatively buried in a laptop, iPad or a textbook. It was painful to say the least and I haven’t studied that hard since University Finals.

When test day actually arrived, I was nervous. I’ve been on a terrible streak with tests and I was not confident the ‘the hardest exam I’ve ever written’ ~ P. Kanaan, was going to break it. 200 questions over four hours. Gross. It was mentally exhausting and after the first pass over three hours had gone by. Quick, get back to the questions marked for Review. Moments later, ‘You Are Out Of Time’.

Well that has never happened.

I’ve bombed it.

After interminable wait…


What??!?! No-way??!!! This is amazing! I am PMP certified!!!

It’s been an incredibly tough slough, but I am very proud that I have completed it and I would like to thank everyone who helped (or put up with me) during this crazy trip…


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