Your Going To Put That Where

That is a big needle…

Well this has been a full week. No Really. It started off with the normal stuff, working the Big K nine to five, coaching the maniacs at 6am and 7am and the wicked folks coming to Canuck Lite. A little Bench Pressing to complete @Eastbound_Power’s program (session 2 week 1) and then the big ticket item… The first visit to a specialist for my knee and a really, really big needle (more on that in a second) and then a truly bonehead move.


First here’s a life lesson. DON’T PUT STUFF ON THE STAIRS. When you take the green bin out, don’t leave it on the stairs to take upstairs later. Why? Because when you have your hands full and you are walking down said stairs and you don’t see said green bin, you WILL step on it and you WILL fall down the stairs. You probably won’t hurt yourself a lot, but you will be bruised and battered. Oi!


How is your 1500 Calorie Challenge going? A little tougher than the sit-up one? With sit-ups at least you can do them anywhere. A calorie challenge requires a little more ‘equipment’ and planning, but it’s still doable. You just have to get on the machine of your choice and go to it.



The Left is healthy and the Right is less so… and mine.

I went and saw Dr. Bushak and we had a little chat about my X-Rays and what the story was on my knees. Turns out, they aren’t so awesome. First off though, I got the go ahead to complete my training this summer and my attempt at the Chicago Marathon. Unfortunately after that it looks like my running days will be over. The damage to the knee (left) is not good and in order to alleviate some of the pain, I got a cortisone shot. The next step is an injection to try and rebuild the lubrication. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but I will have to wait and see.


Warm fuzzy right?


Still not the worst possible news and not the end. I have another visit scheduled in 6 weeks with Dr. Bushak and then a second opinion with another MD on the Hill. Hopefully more answers are coming…





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