What is MCT?


So I’m a skeptic. Just built that way. Try these oils. Try these vitamins. Organic is the way to go. Sure. Maybe. Does it work? Maybe? Probably not, it’s marketing or a placebo…

@savannahjessie came to me and brought this little black bottle with the neon green letters. What the heck is MCT oil? Well the Lady has been doing her research and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are fuel for both the brain and the body. I’ve been run down the last little while and struggling to keep a clear head so I gave this a try. The MCT Oil is a component of BulletProof Coffee. The first time I tried it my energy levels were through the roof. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe it’s the placebo effect. Let’s go two days in a row. Yup, energy is up and my brain seems to be firing on all cylinders. Every day I had a teaspoon in my coffee and every day I was on point. OK, I believe it.


Time to do some more research…


Benefits of MCT Oil

-Is a good source of energy

-Easily digested

-Easily absorbed by the body

-Raise metabolic function (help you burn more)


Now by no means is this a complete list of benefits for MCT Oil and to my knowledge I haven’t been able to find a definitive study. Still I can only write about the experiences that I’ve had. It felt like I was crystal clear every day that I had MCT Oil and my energy levels were sky high, even if I started off the day slow or groggy. Actually especially since I started most days at 430am with this general feeling of haze it really seemed to pick me up.


Before I wrap up I will talk about the one negative that I do see about the MCT Oil, the high fat content. This becomes important if you are tracking macros. 1 tablespoon (which is the recommended amount of the product pictured above) has 14g of Fat. For me, that’s almost a complete meal. I’ve been using a teaspoon every morning and that is a measly 5g of Fat. Much more tolerable. Just something to keep in mind.



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  1. Where did @savannahjessie purchase from? Are you having bullet coffee on the regular?

    1. Bigbrnz

      She got it on Amazon.ca and I have been taking a teaspoon in my coffee M-F.

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