Paul Bunyan Minus the Plaid

@arboristriley way up high and @keilshammer way down low…
Saturday (June 20) – You see me talk A LOT about CrossFit,
some biking, nutrition and in my Duathlon and Half Marathon days, running.  It’s the same thing every day you might be
saying to yourself, but you would be wrong. While this blog serves as a tool to
capture my exercise log, it helps me to remain accountable for my work. That
may not sound like a lot, but it certainly gets me moving some days. Those that
follow along get a representation (and hopefully an accurate one) of what is
involved in this type of journey. It’s not a sprint to the finish and yay, you
can go back to eating double quarter pounders with cheese, sitting in your underwear
on a bean bag chair (sorry, look up comedian Ron White for this comedic
reference). The journey is like the Lewis and Clark expedition. It is a slow
tedious process that you can’t stop, ever. Methods may change and I will have
successes and failures along the way, but in the end I hope that you can find a
parallel or two in your own journey (whatever that may be). Wow, that was a lot
for a Sunday posting but that has been sitting in my head for a bit. There
journey is ongoing and I hope that you enjoy taking it with me.
Mosquitos were crazy so covered from head to toe…
Now some people believe that a workout only happens when you
are rocking the spandex, obnoxiously loud colors and sweating up a storm in the
gym. WRONG. Work is work, wherever you do it. To prove the case (not that it
needed any type of proving), I took the travelling road show north to Muskoka. @Keilshammer
lost four trees to a lightning strike (including a 100ft+ White Pine) and
@arboristriley was coming up to take them down. My job for this Saturday
afternoon? Manual labor. Drag these giant bits of tree to the giant, yellow and
extremely terrifying chipper. That’s not so bad, right? Did I mention that the ‘dragging’
portion would all be uphill? No? Well it was. There were lots of trips in steel
toed boots that were not designed to off road in.
Can you spot me in the last picture??
It was a very cool thing to watch @arboristriley scale these
trees (especially the pine) and he moves around in them like a spider monkey. I
was moving a large branch and came back to find him 2 trees from where I left
him (not coming to ground level in between). A whole lot of heavy, dead pine
wood came crashing to earth and after a solid 5 hours, we were all wiped.  
Regaining my strength…
Enjoy the view from 100ft up and I will see
you tomorrow morning.


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