Canadian Gobbler Edition

Earning the Bird!
Happy Turkey Weekend!!
I hope that everyone got time to spend time
with family and friends on this long weekend. Everyone has something to be
thankful for, even if sometimes it may not feel like it. It was supposed to be
a quiet weekend, but in true Beez fashion, @SavannahJessie and I were all over
the map. It started with dinner and drinks with some friends visiting from
Calgary, followed by the early morning throwdown. Mr. Henry’s first birthday
party and Nome with some more friends. We wrapped up with lots of family time,
some turkey and just an overall good time.
But even the best laid plans…
Sunday was supposed to be the last long
training run before the Half with my Virtual Training Partner @JessyR1978, but
the pumpkin patch was calling. Her little ones were having so much fun, we had
to cancel and I went out solo. Only issue, was that I’m sure she would have
talked me out of the route that I eventually did choose. Uphill the entire way
and Kitchener needs to make some sidewalks on Bleams Rd.
I covered 12.01KM in 1h27m54s and the stat
of the day is the 135m of elevation gain. The Garmin says that I burned off
1,566 calories in that time. Remarkably I was able to keep a steady pace of
7m19s/KM and even though I had to run in the gravel, I felt really good. The
pace per KM was still a bit slow, but with all the hills, I am feeling better
about next Sunday. I averaged 156SPM during the run and I maxed out at 194SPM
(probably rushing to beat a traffic light). My heart rate was 140BPM and I
maxed out at 162BPM.
I earned my turkey… Every single mouthful.
There would have been pictures of the bird (Momma C put on a display), but I
hate food on the brain.
Tryptophen was just kicking into high gear
and I was headed for a post meal nap when I got an email. RESULTS OF CROSSFIT
TESTING… OMG, OMG, OMG… It’s here, I can’t look. Wait, yes I can. Here we go. CrossFit
Level 1 Course, result, PASS! I passed, I passed, I passed! Gee, can you tell I’m
excited? Needless to say, there wasn’t any napping after that. There’s a lot of
path still to travel, but I’ve taken the first big step.
2 light runs this week, a massage and maybe
a light WOD or two… Bring on the Half.


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