Running and Icing

It was only a matter of time…

Time before the #alsicebucketchallenge
landed in my lap (although not from the directions I originally thought) and
only a matter of time before my patience snapped (at my body’s various
ailments) and I headed out on the first of what will HAVE to be many training
runs. Well this Sunday morning was that day.
After the absolute gong show of a Saturday
morning throw down WOD (knee, shoulders) @SavannahJessie and I headed west to
visit my Sister and Company for some family time. It was a lovely afternoon of
chatting and eating, capped off with a Momma C schnitzel dinner and the slow
cooker chocolate cake.
Following a very fractured sleep, I managed
to drag myself upright, get the running gear on and get outside. With the
layout of the neighborhood, I would be running in circles and my goal(s) were
to not stop and get at least 2KMs in the books. The first 100m were absolutely
terrible as my knee was stiff and sore and my hip was compensating. As I kept
going though, I was able to push through.
I managed to cover 3.71KMs in 26m03s,
running at a 7m01s/KM pace (which is right where I want to be). Considering I haven’t
been out yet I was pretty happy with the run. I passed a couple walking their dog
3 times and they were really friendly (with a nice job on my last lap). My data
from my foot pod was skewed because I was in the wrong mode, but I’m happy with
my strikes per second. Even with the hills, it was good.
When I finally got back to my Sister’s, I completed
the #alsicebucketchallenge and posted the video below. The video only shows 1
tray being put in, but there was lots of setup that didn’t make the tape. I
eagerly await @keilshammer “showing” me how it’s done.

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