Run Week Done

This has been a pretty intense training
week. I’m not sure what has caused the kick, the fear of the Half Marathon, the
number on the scale or just the general way I’m feeling, but it’s the same kick
I felt when I first started working out 130lbs ago. I just have to remember
that I am not as young as I used to be and I will have to rest at some point.
This morning, Nike+ was telling me I had to get out and get running. My legs
were pretty sore, but I knew that this would be my only activity today so it
was out of bed and out the door.
Reflection in the P&G Building
I find that it is always days when you have
to fight to get out of bed, you get rewarded for the effort. It was an
absolutely stunning morning. The way the light was bouncing off the clouds, the
crisp cool air and the quiet made it totally worthwhile. My legs felt slightly
differently and out of the gate I knew this was going to be a recovery run.
Slow and easy just to get the blood flowing, but nothing crazy pace-wise.
I covered 3.55KM in 29m11s. My pace was
really slow, 7m52s/KM but there were two red lights I got stuck at and I didn’t
push. My heart rate data looks like it is incorrect (the sensor strap slipped
way down) so I am just going to throw the numbers out of the window. My run
cadence was 150 SPM (which is finally where I need it to be) and I maxed out on
the ‘sprint’ back into home Garmin says that I burned 410 calories, but it was
more about being out this morning and still being able to work tomorrow for the
Canuck Games.


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