2014 Ride for Heart

Welcome Baaaaaaccccckkkk…
So I landed in Toronto at 3:45p on Saturday and made my way
home to a sparkling condo (Thanks Mom), Timbits (Thanks @SavannahJessie) and my
bed. I had very little time to try and get some recovery after Ventoux and get
ready for this year’s Becel Ride For Heart. I had committed to ride 75km, but
after the mountain I wasn’t sure I would be even able to handle 50km. Those who
know me know how tired I was if I had that thought. I had committed to 75km and
anything else would be like me breaking my word.
Still in an in between time zone, I was up and making noise
and light a little earlier than I should have been (3:30a). My apologies. All
this was to try and get some space on my GoPro so it would be ready for the
Ride. We got the bikes loaded and headed to the Ex to meet up with Team
Keilhauer and the other 13,991 riders who would be riding the Gardiner and DVP.
After a delayed start (later than last year), I headed out
with @Wardy_ and @Keilshammer onto an already busy Gardiner. I just don’t
understand how some people function. Riding a bicycle on a 3 lane highway is
just like driving a car. If you are going slowly get to the right so people who
aren’t can pass you. Rant over. We weaved through the pylons and came up to the
DVP at a descent pace. My legs were feeling remarkably good so I kicked up the
pace and started pedaling a little harder. I didn’t have a spectacular time in
me, but I had a sub 3 hour 75km for sure (maybe).
It’s funny how after you climb a mountain, the hill going to
York Mills suddenly feels really easy. I made the first turn around and the
highway seemed to open up. I made some good time and got hailed from the other
side of the barrier (rest of Team Keilhauer). I made the turn and headed back
north and managed to catch up to @SavannahJessie, @JessGrigg, @spillary81 and @CADPRO00
at the next rest stop. Not wanting my legs to stiffen up, I wished them good
luck and headed back out.
The whole ride took 2h53m and covered 75.85KM. I finished in
a time that was faster then my first 75, but not quicker then last year. Max
speed was 56.5KM/h and I averaged 26.2KM/h over the course of the route. Even
my average heart rate wasn’t too crazy, 132BPM average and a max of 154BPM. My
body felt pretty good considering this ride put me over 300KM for the week
(first time that has ever happened). I probably could have stretched it out
another 25KM, but not this year.
Thank you to Everyone who donated to my ride, your support
is appreciated. If you haven’t had a chance yet, there is still time. Message
me for a link.

***Pay attention to my posts next week, because there will
be a giveaway.  That’s right folks, there
be free stuff to be had. More details to come.

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