Rest Day Hike

So what do you do when you are in France, have cycled 180KM
in the last 3 days and are looking for a break? Well clearly you back up your
stuff and hike over a ‘hill’ to get to a food truck that serves the best French
Fries. Now when I say little walk, I of course mean 3 hours, covering 9KMs
(ish) and climbing about 100m of elevation. You know, no biggie.
My legs were ok with the opening bit as Dr. Spin and I had
seen it already having taken a wrong turn on day 1. It was pleasant countryside
and the sun was shining. As soon as we got into the hills, it started getting
tough. Now those of you that know me, know that I’m not a hiker. I’m not even
that big a fan of nature. Wait, that’s not fair. I like nature and can
appreciate it’s beauty, but I prefer to stay indoors while nature can be
It was a really pretty walk and there were some very cool
things to see. We past some old dwellings (100 years minimum), that were along
goat trails and had probably belonged to herdsmen. We also passed a truffle
farm and I was informed that 1Kg of Truffles is going for about 2000 Euros.
Yes, I had wine with my burger… Don’t judge me
We did make it to lunch in one piece and yes the fries were
all that I was hoping for. Even the burger was pretty good. Sadly he only sells
pizzas in the evening and I couldn’t sample them.  We made it back to home base 15 minutes
faster then the way there and then hit the town. 
Tonight it’s to bed early (about 5 minutes from now) because
Mount Ventoux stands before me. Wish me luck.

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