Recovery, WLC and the 49ers

NFL Football Sundays are back! Not only that, but my San
Francisco 49ers are playing @JessGrigg’s Green Bay Packers. There are wagers on
the line and the Lady is still a bit bent from the 2 LOSES last year (including
1 in the Playoffs). I won’t go into vivid detail about the wager until
tomorrow, but needless to say a certain Packer fan will be decked out in some
new colors.

Part of the Whole Life Challenge (WLC) is the exercise
component which is a minimum of 10 minutes of intentional activity every day. After
yesterday’s 10K run (I’m still pretty buzzed about it), my left hip was really
stiff and my knee was achy. I spent the day prepping lunches and dinner for the
week and something strenuous was out of the question with @CrossFitCanuck
tomorrow. Queue up the recovery ride.

It wasn’t anything fast or hard, but 10KM on the spinner in
22m16s. I kept the tension very low to ensure I wasn’t stressing the hip and
getting some blood flow throw the painful areas. My heart rate never really got
high (86 BPM) and I felt really good just to be moving. We’ll see how
everything is feeling tomorrow.


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