On The First Day Of CrossFit… I Mean Christmas

So before I get you singing the 12 Days of Christmas, let’s
have a little chat.  How am I doing (see
the clever tie in to a previous post)? 
To be (more honest), I’m tired.  I’m
not eating well (and I know I need to change that ASAP) and my body is
protesting a bunch of different things. 
First my ankle is pi$$ing me off, not by hurting, but by slowing down my
movements (hips and shoulders are a close 2nd and 3rd).
Some of those movements (Burpees I’m looking in your direction) are still
sloppy because various muscles and ligaments have the flexibility of the CN
Tower.  On the plus side, I haven’t (and
won’t) give up and I will work as hard as I can.

That’s the one thing I’ve found about working out at
CrossFit Canuck, I’m working harder at this than anything else I’ve ever done
and the group I work out with are awesome. Katie, Anne, Zach, Paul, Mans and
@Keilshammer (oh and Darryl) are the main reason that I was able to finish tonight’s
WOD.  Their encouragement helped me get
through the last 4 push presses, 3 push-ups, 2 lateral bar jumps and the squat
clean in a pear tree.

500m Row
30 Skips
12 Squats
30 Skips
12 Push-ups
30 Skips
12 Sit-ups
30 Skips
12 Burpees (now that was just mean Darryl)

No buy in or cash out tonight because of how tough the WOD
was going to be.  I used to love the 12
Days of Christmas song, but I actually had to re-evaluate after the WOD.  Sequence was 1… 2,1… 3,2,1… 12,11,10~3,2,1.

1 Squat Clean (@65lbs) – Total 12
2 Lateral Jumps Over Bar – Total 22
3 Hand Release Push-ups – Total 30
4 Push Press (@65lbs) – Total 36
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (@65lbs) – Total 40
6 Burpees – Total 42
7 Ball Slams (@14lb Ball) – Total 42
8 Thrusters (@65lbs) – Total 40
9 Toes to Bar (Knees to Elbows here) – Total 36
10 Kettlebell Swings (@25lbs) – Total 30
11 Kettlebell Goblet Squats (@25lbs) – Total 22
12 OH Lunges (@65lbs) – Total 12

I finished in 47m05s and I couldn’t have done it without the
crew.  Everyone who was done cheered on those
that were finishing up.  It wasn’t about
winning, but working as hard as you could and finishing STRONG. I worked out
for a long time at gyms and I even tried P90X and I can tell you honestly that
there is nothing harder than CrossFit. 
It’s hard, but you only compete against yourself and everyone can do

I’m so gassed right now I won’t be able to ice.  Hopefully my turnaround is quick, because
tomorrow I’m back at it.  Catch you on
the flip side.


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