No Resolutions Here

Happy Holidays Readers! I hope everyone had a safe and happy
holiday (so far) and that the hours of family, food and the occasional beverage
haven’t weighed too heavily on you. It is that time of the year when people see
the New Year approaching and they begin to make resolutions about what they
want to change in their lives. Why wait? Why put your life on hold for one day
to make a change? You won’t find any resolutions here, I’m changing my life one
day at a time (and sounding very preachy… sorry).

After some quality family time, turkey and the occasional
rye, I was not feeling shiny. With all that was going on I didn’t find much
time to complete my homework (sorry Tavia), bit I did complete some hip
stretching to work on my mobility.

800m Row

3 Rounds of
10 Beat Swings
10 Pushups
10 Wall Ball

We then worked on Squat Cleans (@135lbs) and Hang Power
Cleans (@135lbs). I style had some form issues, but I worked hard to try and do
the two exercises correctly. I’m still having issues with trusting my body to
drop below the bar, but I’m still a work in progress.

5×6 Lateral Wall Walks

Complex for Time 15 Reps – 12 Reps – 9 Reps
1 Power Snatch (@75lbs)
1 Snatch Balance (@75lbs)
Box Jump (24” Box step-up)

5×2 Wall Walks

After the WOD (and it was tough), it was an open gym.  I worked on my stretching homework (shoulders
and hips) and hit the GHD machine.  That
is something that I will be doing after every session. Just to add a little
spice to my WODs, Tavia has given me after class work every day to go with my
stretching. I will be climbing the rope by March… Now I shake my head a little
bit at this statement, but I like a challenge. 
So I am going to try and make my coach proud and do my best to climb the
ROPE (and just to be clear, I STILL hate the rope).

I’m going to try and squeeze one more workout in, but it
will be highly dependent on the weather. 
Happy Birthday to my Mom on Friday! Happy New Year to YOU!  May 2013 be full of happiness and good
fortune for you.



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