Ride Prep Day

Nothing like being excited for something that is still five
month away!  I had a meeting with
Michelle from the Heart and Stroke Foundation to discuss the Corporate Challenge
 and the Ride for Heart and it was a very
motivating meet.  She was checking in to
make sure we were on track and to bring us news about changes to the category
awards they had made for smaller teams (more on that in a second, can you say
Fundraising Award).  So before I get into
today’s spin let me blow your mind with some numbers.

Now of the 3500 Corporate Challenge Riders last year, can
you believe only about 320 were VIPs (Riders who had raised over $1000).  I find that an unbelievably small number,
only about 9%.  I don’t understand, your
company is paying for you to ride, why not just ask people to sponsor you (I
hate asking sometimes too, but it’s for a great cause).  Team Keilhauer was a small team last year
(only ten Riders), but we raised just short of $10,000 and had FIVE VIPs (That’s right 50% of
the team were VIPs). If we can keep up the average this year, will have a shot
at the Fundraising Award and we challenge all the other CC Riders to step up
and try and be VIP too!

Onto this morning’s ride…

Once I managed to coax myself out of bed (and it was a
little bit of stretch) I got dressed and pressed and on the bike. It was really
tough to get started this morning, the legs were really tired.  Dead legs are not how you want to start a
20+KM ride at 6am on a Wednesday.  It was
tough, but dialed down for a couple minutes to get in rhythm and then cranked
the tension back up for the rest of the ride. 
The heart rate got a little squirrelly about the 20 minute mark, but
with some breathing and feathering, I managed to keep going (two PVR’d episodes
of Storage Wars).

When I hopped of Spritz about 45 minutes later, I had
covered 23.33KMs.  Tough sledding, wait I
already said that. My average BPM for this ride was 146 and I hit a maximum of
about 158 (tough to check for a maximum, but I check every once and a while).
Today was tough on the RPMs, but by the time I was done I had it back up to 88
(90 is the goal).

Tomorrow is a gym day and Friday back on the bike to train…


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