It’s Friday Night…

So for the first time since the ‘new’ regime started, I missed
a scheduled workout day. I was feeling pretty tired Thursday morning and
decided that I could squeeze a spin session in when I got home from work and
before Mikey showed up. That plan went off the rails when I stayed late to help
PK beef up the RAM in a bunch of our servers. 
By the time I got home, spinning was not going to happen.

Fast forward to Friday ‘alarm time’ and I would have loved
nothing better than to turn over and go back to bed, but I knew what needed to
do. I climbed out of bed, shook off the non-healthy dinner from last night
(sorry Spanky, it was a good order, just not good for us) and got packed up and
out the door. Just look passed the fact that I was a few minutes late getting
out the door.

There wasn’t a real plan for today, just the thought of
getting out and getting my body moving. 
So with the smorgasbord of activities below I called it a day.

Treadmill – 13 minutes, 156 calories, 0.69 miles

Back Extensions – 3×20 @160lbs
Flyes – 3×20 @120lbs
MTS Shoulder Press – 3×15 @35lbs
MTS Chest Press – 3×12 @30lbs
Hip Abduction – 3×30 @255lbs
Hip Adduction – 3×30 @255lbs
Elliptical – 30 minutes, 479 calories, 4398 strides

Now apparently Goodlife saw my tweet this week about the
cold water shower that was inflicted upon me Monday (they didn’t really, but they
might have), there was a total renovation of the men’s showers.  Not bad too, not finished, but not bad.  I’m actually glad that I didn’t show up
yesterday as I can only imagine the total chaos that would have been going on.

Hopefully I can squeeze a workout in tomorrow to get my five
for the week as I come to Phat Boy Fiesta weekend.  If you don’t know what it is, I will post
pictures Sunday afternoon on my twitter feed and shots in the blog on Monday.


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One Thought to “It’s Friday Night…”

  1. Phatt boy fiesta!?!? as you like to say – really!!? all your hard work the past week shot to hell in a couple of hours. Probably take you 2 weeks of pain – cause that's what your w/o sounds like – to get back to where you are now for your weight. one step forward, 6 backwards…keep yer eye on the prize bernzy, your killing yourself. if you keep doing what you always do and expect different results your going to be continually disappointed and frustrated with your results. DUDE!!

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