Sweet Spots and Chicken Pot Pie

Interesting title, yes? Well it seems like all things, the condo gym has it’s sweet spots. Goodlife had ’em and so does my place… Awesome. You know what the sweet spot is, that time when you arrive and the place is deserted and all the machines you want to use are free. No line-ups, no waiting for some marathon guy who’s spending 3 hours on it or some roid monkey with enough juice in his system to last days. Just in, focus, hammer and out. Simple, easy and neat.

Such was the case when I got home from work this evening. Having made the decision to sleep the morning, I knew that I would have to work out this evening at some point. That gets tougher when you are making dinner (and a recipe I have never attempted before) and your friend who is usually handcuffed to the Rajma Hall finally has a night of between events. Walk in the door, quick change into workout duds, grab the nano and go.

What did I find?

No one. It was beautiful. Got on the elliptical and setup for a 35 minute interval program (with a 5 minute cool down tacked on the end) and got moving. It’s funny, now that I’ve been working out for so long I can tell when the body stops being efficient. About 25 minutes in I could feel my legs getting heavy and the muscles starting to protest (stupid lactic acid build up), but I powered through and had a good workout. When it was all said and done I had an average BPM of 137 and a max of 154 (which seems low given how hard it was and how much I was pushing). Total calories burned was 635.

On a side note, attempted chicken pot pie tonight and turned out smashingly. I will have to tinker with this recipe in future, but it was really good. Off to bed and a hopeful morning session.



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