Super Spin Master


Good morning folks, it’s Tuesday, it’s early and I have a spin session under my belt. As great as P90X is for getting the body ripped and ready, I was missing spinning. Bike time was awesome time. Time to catch up on Bluebloods, Fringe, Castle and Hawaii Five-0. Shut off the brain pump the pedals and just have some me time.

So this morning’s session was probably one of my best ever. I had a decent heart rate, my average cadence was 90 on the nose and a distance travelled of 22.67KM. That’s almost to work and back which is really making me think about riding my bike to work. If the city streets weren’t filled with pothole landmines and drivers completely clueless then I would really think about it.

The plan is to get home tonight and hammer away at P90X day 8 which is chest and back. This might be one of the hardest workouts in the P90X series and I’m hoping to be able to lift my arms tomorrow. There is a problem though, the schedule gets a little crazy after this and its P90X sessions for the next three mornings (hopefully)and then the weekend arrives. It could be a little tough.

See you tonight,


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