P90X Day 7 (Timeline +1)

Well folks, I may have been mistaken, Kempo X is in the top 2 for most disliked workouts in the P90X series. I am a smart guy, but when you start talking about 6 different moves with throwing fists and kicking I am not with it. Let’s be honest, you all know me (well hopefully you do), you know that I have trouble walking in a straight line. I am a klutz of the PhD order so when you start throwing fists and kicks around, you are just asking for trouble.

This is exercise session day two of this wonderful Monday (yes, you read that right, Monday and wonderful in the same breath). I woke up and had a spin session, worked all day and then came home and had a P90X go. The session was a little tough on the body, the ankles, while not complaining severely, are not happy with some of the moves from the last couple days. Some of the lunges and stretches are making them a wee bit grumpy.

Just for the record though, the reason I might not like Kempo is that I am not a fighter. Just a big bag o love. Once, you stop laughing, I will tell you that even in all my years as a doorman I never had to punch anybody out (choke, maybe once or twice, but no punching).

Tomorrow I’m shooting for another spin and P90X day…



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