P90X Day 10 (Timeline + Well we aren’t going to talk about that)

Before we get into P90X Day 10 and the modification to the process that has been recommended by Dr. Spin and via newsletter from my body. Yesterdays’ post was NUMBER 200! That’s right, you have tuned in for 200 sessions in the weight loss process of yours truly.

So after the consultation from Dr. Spin and the very serious headshake that I got when I told him I was doing P90X. He had serious reservations of what P90X and its high impact and intensity would have on my now 35 year old body. Seems that since I turned 35 I have been falling apart, knees, back and neck. Well he wasn’t the only one who was worried, but for other reasons. My P90X partner Mark has been giving me the gears about having fallen off the schedule.

Well I hopped on the spinner yesterday and after some good natured ribbing today and figured that my body wasn’t going to help me help it. If I don’t force myself to work hard, I will not get anywhere. I have been holding steady, but not dropping any weight or inches. So tonight even though I really didn’t want to, I popped the P90X Day 3 (Shoulders and Arms) disc in the old PS3 and started working away. It’s a good exercise series because you get to combine the kettlebell, dumbbells and the bands.

I telling you now, the timeline is out the window. I don’t think I can maintain anything near this 90 in 90 schedule. As spring slowly arrives here In the Big Smoke, I will be added lots of sessions on the spinner, piranha and the yet unnamed road bike.

Here to a hopeful morning,


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