Stupid Combo Platter

Well this blog is all about chronicling the good and the bad on this road to… well on this road to wherever the heck I’m going and for whatever reason I’m going there.

It’s been tough sledding in the land o’ Bernard since the move to the condo and I’m not really sure why. I’ve gained 10lbs and generally feel like a sack of hammers rolled up in a bag of garbage. It’s not like I’ve been eating really badly, on the contrary, I’ve been making really good healthy food, but I’ve slipped at work. More lunches than not, I’ve been eating half a big bag of chips and a large roll with butter (well it’s actually I can’t believe it’s not butter).

Stupid chunky, no will power clown…

I know, those aren’t pretty words, but I haven’t been doing well and I can’t blame it totally on being injured (although it is having an effect and the MRI is less than a month away).

Anyway, enough bad, here’s where I tell you that I’ve been slowly getting it turned around. Went away for the long weekend (Thanks to Carl and Steve for hosting), and went so far as to drink a case of Molson Export over that period. When I got to Steve’s, everyone was sick and I had time to myself to figure out the new path. No more excuses, get back on the horse, cut out the beer and eat well…

So we fast forward to Monday and Kris came over for a swim. I didn’t go hard or anything (because I can’t kick because of this stupid knee), but I did paddle around for 30 minutes. I was planning to hit the bike after that, but my back and hips have been BRUTAL since the Brantford Rail Trail ride.

Here’s hoping I can get going again,


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