Diamond Dawgs August 24

The Dawgs season hangs in the balance, a win and we come back next week, a loss and the golfing season gets underway. I hate golf.

Well the best that can be said is that we scored more than 1 run. We ended up going to extra innings and ended up losing by 2. I went 4-for-4 with a triple and a run scored, but it wasn’t enough for the team. We played well, but the rules in the Markham league are BS and the ladies had some trouble because the other team had 10 players on the edge of the grass and in.

I had a good day running and felt pretty good (aside from the losing part) but there was an issue. First batter of the game hits a laser one hopper which I snag, but it hits off the palm of the glove and I get some immediate pain. Right at the base of the index finger, it starts killing. It feels a lot like when I broke the 5th metacarpal and I am not thrilled about the possibility of being in a cast. Batting is a nightmare for the entire game as every time I make contact, my hand starts buzzing. End of the game serious swelling in my palm…

Check in with Dr. Spin who performs some tests and he determines that it’s only a deep bone bruise.

Until next time,


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