Welcome to the Knockout Round

That’s a soccer title, not football (because football involves pads and men trying to kill each other, not falling as if they got knifed behind The Brass Rail), soccer. Actually it’s fun to watch the world cup and to see all these fans screaming for their teams. Exciting.

So, I just knew that last post ‘Torn’ was going to jump up and bite me in the ass. I came home Friday after having a beer or two and watching the game. I wasn’t feeling particularly well, my knee was stiff and kind of aching. I laid down and finished ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Steig Larsson (OMG Awesome book, but I’m bitter because now I have to go buy the other 2). Decided to do some packing as the 22nd is quickly approaching, and just for the record its not a bad thing to be organized (Steve I’m looking at you), whatever you can do before the last second means a easy moving process.

So, all of that equalled no spinning…

Today would have been more of the same, but I started to feel guilty. That’s why I have this blog, and why your comments are more of a help than you will ever know (Brantford and Kingston, shameless shouts to you, but it’s the truth). So prior taking a Saturday off (not being in another city) and before I sit on the patio and have a drink, Spritz and I had some business. Let me just say that morning exercises on a Saturday when you would rather be sleeping in sucks. It was a struggle, but I got a 45 minutes session at a pretty good RPM and the normal heart rate. Not bad for an early morning session, but weekend TV really isn’t what it used to be.

Off to buy some groceries and snacks (Oh and the Vodka),


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