Baseball Take 2

So This Week In Baseball, TWIB for short, sees everybody’s favourite 1B/3B/C returning to the full time rotation after 3 weeks on the DL. Played with the Dawgs on Monday night and I have to say… I’m awful. Ok, not really super stinking awful, but bad. Trouble swinging the bat and a brutal toss to Michelle playing first (note to self, throw it. Michelle may yell at you cuz it hurt, but she will be happy not to have to chase it down).

All in all though it was a pretty successful day back. Did some moderate running with some hard stops and starts. Oh, and maybe a couple of good cuts too. Problem is, I don’t have any power in my legs to really get me going (now before you laugh I can move for a big man when I have too). Tried to give her the juice and there was nothing there and to make matters worse got the ball and as I planted my foot went sliding (that’s why I pulled that one down Mich). The leg still isn’t right. I was just tossing it back and forth and while I was backing up there may have been a hyper-extension and F$*K Me did it ever kill.

I don’t there is anything to do, but try and take it easy and not put the leg in vulnerable positions. I will take it easy with the Rams on Wednesday and just catch. Try and keep the serious motion to a minimum for one more week and call Sunnybrooke to get the MRI moved up.

Hope everyone is having a good evening and if you are dining at BP (Boston Pizza folks, not British Petroleum, stay away from the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich. It had so much potential and it ended up being boring with ZERO presentation or flare).


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