Always starts off well…

Must be a me thing…

Come out of the weekend and BHAM! Hammer off three solid days on the bike and then SPLAT, nothing for the rest of the week. The body is KO’d Thursday and Friday, Saturday is what it is and Sunday you end up working 6 solid and by the time you get home you are gassed (Oh and there is a time change tossed in for fun, but not the good, turn back the clocks an hour for more siesta, no the turn the clocks forward and mess up your body one).

So Monday rolls around and I have an appointment set up to see Dr. O. Checks me out, hips are tight, shoulder is messed, but hey, the ankles feel GREAT! He modifies my attack plan and instead of hammering a stupid number of 60 minute sessions, he is having me break it down into 5 – 45 minute ones. OK, I can handle that, maybe.

Hopped on the bike, threw in Batman Begins and off I went. Not too shabby a session, but we’ll see how I’m feeling Tuesday morning.



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