So just to recap…

What a difference a weekend can make…

Here’s the update and no it’s not strictly P90X related. So Friday, prior to visiting Susan and Denis & Lisa I got a call from my insurance broker. I’m trying to change my insurance policy to make it something more beneficial for me. Manulife Financial (Assholes that they are) say that I should be 257lbs for them to insure me. 257, really? What friggin chart are you using, because I will never weigh 257. I think my melon alone is well over 30lbs. So after just about killing the messenger, he goes on to explain that if I weigh 280, they will change my policy.

There’s the motivation folks, hate, not pretty, but whatever gets you out of bed in the morning. The first time I dropped a bunch of weight, the hate came from a crazy woman, now it comes from an insurance company. Going to get to 270lbs and then tell them to shove the policy up their asses.

So anyways, headed to Brantford and had one of the best football games ever. Didn’t score 8 touchdowns, but threw one and caught one. I also may have damaged Ross, but that’s what happens when you try and go through the mountain to get an interception. The great part about the game was that I ran flat out for two and a half hours. Awesomeness.

Roll along to Sunday (after recovering somewhat from Paul’s birthday/Halloween party). Not feeling super (didn’t wear any braces for football) and headed to Toronto to help Michelle and Dylan move. I’m counting this as exercise for the simple fact that I must have climbed those stairs 100 times.

Woke up this morning and dragged my rear end to the gym and had a super cardio session. It was awesome. Planned to P90 when I got home, but I’m pulling the plug on that because I’m starting to feel a little sore. I am going to get back with the program, but it will not be on a daily basis. That’s not to say that I won’t be working out, but from now until my birthday, I’m planning on working out to some degree every day.

Welcome back blog followers,

I won’t be leaving you again (hopefully)…


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