Happy Hump Day!

I will cut right to the chase here…
Today was progress day, so here we go…

Weight – 311.8 lbs.
BMI – 40 (I believe BMI is a useless stat but include here anyway)
Fat % – 31.9%
Fat Mass – 99.4 lbs.
Fat Free Mass – 212.4 lbs. (This includes bone, muscle etc)
Total Body Water – 155.4 lbs.

Well, not a super awe inspiring total, but look at that first number… 311!! Woot, Woot! Now that I’m inspired again, I have a feeling that when we do this again in a month (ish), we will see a better result.

Today was a cardio day, and while not a 1K burn, 930 calories isn’t bad. I’m plugging away here with some nagging discomfort (hips, knees, shoulders, ankles… maybe a list of what isn’t hurting might be shorter). Won’t quit though.

Thanks again for the support,


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