P90X Day 6.5

OK, before anyone panics there has been an executive (ME) decision made. The decision does not involve quitting so rest easy…

The original plan was to make Monday (Labor Day for those keeping track) my Day 7 due to equipment issues in Muskoka. I was planning on driving to Toronto and performing Kempo X that evening and beginning the second week this morning.


It was an absolutely stunning day at the cottage and after spending the day outside in the sun I was gassed (in fact I’m pretty sure I was lucky to make it home, although the bat that hit my bike pedal and was killed was not so lucky). Managed to get the car unpacked, get showered and climb into bed…

All hope is not lost however!

Did I mention that I don’t feel bad about this decision? Steve and I went on a 26+ KM bike ride yesterday morning which I feel more than qualifies as a sufficient form of exercise. We found a sweet road (freshly paved even) that leads to a ‘Dark Park’. Quite the ride and one I will do again in the fall because the trees lining the road will be stunning when they start to change.


Lucky you folks, today turns into a DOUBLE POSTING DAY, Kempo X gets completed after work and tomorrow starts week 2.

Happy 1st Day of School (Michelle, looking at you as I say this),


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One Thought to “P90X Day 6.5”

  1. Thanks Buddy!!!! It was a good day! I am however on my way to YOGA!!! 🙂 Yes voluntarily…just waiting for my copy of P90X

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