Everybody Needs a Helping Hand

Just a little push…

You have to sit back and take stock once in a while to remind yourself of your successes. Most of us don’t do it nearly often enough and we usually end up being overly hard (or harsh). Lots of internal things, the desire for change, work ethic and attitude help us along the way, but I want to thank the external. Today is all about the ‘Support Network’. Hopefully we each have one in some way, shape or form and they provide that little bit extra that can help us achieve success. 

That Little Push

The membership in our ‘Support Network’ is ever changing and sometimes members come into it just for that one whispered word of encouragement. After that they disappear forever or fade into the background. Each of them, sometimes without knowing it, contributes to our journey with a word of encouragement, the offer to Run with us or the willingness to take part in a ‘crazy’ adventure. They leave little markers on this road map to fitness (or wherever else we are headed) helping to guide us.  Below is a little gallery of some of my network. Please don’t be upset if you don’t see your smiling face… it probably means I don’t have a picture of you… Stop me next time you see me and let’s have a selfie!!

Remember that this journey that we’re on is a long one and we don’t have to take it by ourselves. Sure, we have to do the Burpees, log the miles and lift the weights, but we don’t have to do it all alone. Take a moment to think about the people that have helped you along the way and see if you can return the favor or pay it forward. With a little teamwork, everyone can make it to the end.


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