Sucker Punched


So, this has been pretty much a lost week for me? Why you ask? Well without providing you too many details, the Flu. Well, I think it was the Flu. Everything was going smashingly on Saturday and even though it was a busy day, other than the scratch in my throat that heralded an oncoming cough, I felt fantastic. Sure, there was a lot of driving through winter conditions on Friday to pickup @Rodrigo (not his actual handle, but if he had one it would be like @RoRoFromMexico or something) and I had school both Friday and Saturday, but fine otherwise.  Mexican dinner with some friends, a coaches’ meeting to get ready for the @CrossFit Open and then a lunch date with my beautiful wife @SavannahJessie. All good things and still feeling fine…


The first hint that something was amiss was an uncomfortable feeling (kind of like constipation) while grocery shopping mid-day Sunday. Weird, but not life changing. Then the ‘light bulb’ moment was when I revisited my meals from the day in reverse order while screaming into the porcelain telephone… OK, something is definitely not right…


For the better part of the next two days I alternated between bed and the bathroom (and that’s as much as I will tell you about that) and it was unpleasant. Did you know that someone with my build CAN survive on less then 1200 calories a day? No? ME either!! I did not want anything at all. Now before someone pipes up and says did you get the Flu Shot? I will tell you no, I did not. I don’t believe in it. Stop. Before you start shouting, for the old and the young I do believe it should be mandatory (or those at risk or who work with those age groups), but the last time I had the shot (8 years ago), it was the sickest I have ever been (including this time) EVER. It was horrible. I couldn’t raise my arm above my shoulder I was bedridden for several days and for the next few weeks I was a shell of myself. Since I made that decision, I have had the Flu (longer than 24hours), once. This week.


Now I need to stop here because this isn’t a debate about the Flu Shot, but I did want to explain where I’ve been. I also have some people to mention here. Big thanks to @SavannahJessie (and the employees of the BigK should thank her too, for making me stay home and taking excellent care of me) and to my VP and colleagues for being understanding and picking up the slack while I alternated working remotely and being unconscious. Also apologies to @sorbotron2000 and his lovely wife Cortney who had to soldier on while @SavannahJessie and I had to cancel on Valentine’s Day diner at the last minute (She got sick from me).


What this means is that I am now behind the 8 Ball with regards to my February Challenge.  Sit-ups have not been in the cards and I won’t be getting the gold star for getting done by the 20th, but I will be back to the grind tomorrow trying to catch-up. How is Your Challenge going? Keep chipping away at those Sit-ups! You still have time and I will attempt to prove that it can be done (so if you haven’t started yet, get to work).


Hopefully I will be able to update you Monday!


Have a Great Family Day Long Weekend!!




PS. So I’m adding this after I finished the original post because this to me is just the definition of human greed.  So I have ben taking Vimovo as an anti-inflammatory for a while now and it has worked pretty well. It is basically Naproxen and an ingredient to prevent it from upsetting the stomach. It costs $138 a bottle when purchased through the Pharmacy, but the individual ingredients   can be purchased for $38 (but the ratios are a closely guarded secret). This week the company that owns Vimovo raised the price to $3,000 a bottle. WTF? There isn’t any reason to gouge people just for profit.  Just another fine example of people taking advantage…






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