My First Time

C’mon get your mind out of the gutter. Braving the 530p
Condo Gym (which is ridiculous by the way), I took my Asics Cumulus 15’s for
their inaugural test flight. Since October’s Half Marathon I have been notably
absent from the treadmill and the streets of Toronto in running gear. Part of
that is laziness and part is that I still don’t love to run (which means cold,
dark and cold affect weather I get outside and my bed decides if I hit the
treadmill). With the callout by Jillian, the Open and a comp with @matt_5577 on
the docket, it’s time to get moving and motivated again.
So my game plan. Since I am a ‘runner’ and I’m signed up to
do a 10K in April I’m going to do the Couch to 10K iPod App that I bought last
year from start to finish. The first few weeks will be easy which will allow me
to ease back into running. By the time I’m done that it will be time to start
serious training to make sure that I can hit the 12 minute goal I have setup
for October (2h25m Half). Nose to the grindstone.
Remember, this is Week 1, Day 1 so it will not be super
impressive. I did extend the time to do some extra warm-up and cool down
because I was super tight through my hips from the Squats we’ve been doing
@CrossFitCanuck. 4.19 KM in 34m26s at an average pace of 8m13s/KM. Not blazing,
but there was lots of walking today. The exciting news is I’ve moved my run
speed from 6MPH to 7.1MPH and I was able to maintain that pace for all the run
segments. My average heart rate was 130BPM with a max of 168BPM.  The interesting thing today was the strikes
per minute average, which was 132 SPM (166 SPM Max). No since this is way above
the target I want (yes!) I think there may have been sensor issues, but I will
know for sure next run.
Today will be a big day, because the Open signup is here!
Combine that with a killer WOD tonight and I hope you will check back at 9pm
for all the details.
Happy Hump Day,


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